9 Oct The appeals were followed by a failed Mercy Petition for executive clemency submitted under the Pakistan Prisons Rules of , based on. WHEREAS it is expedient to amend the law relating to prisons in [2][Pakistan], and to provide rules for the regulation of such prisons;. It is hereby enacted as. Known as the Pakistan Prison Rules, the manual grew out of the federal of and was adopted by the provinces in Chapter 12 of the Rules.

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The iron bars are about 1. They will be served vegetables and pulses in lunch time.

These facilities prsion been provided by the Government of NWFP where prisoners are also allowed to keep money for purchase of these items from Utility Stores, established on jail premises. Provided that the use of hand’cuff 19778 the walk shall be applied only in respect of terrorists or dangerous criminals. Arrangements should be made for the proper utilization of Open Jail, Badin. The prisoner should carry the ticket along on transfer to another jail. All remissions granted or earned should be recorded on the history ticket.

Rules for the Protection of Juveniles Deprived of their Liberty which, under Rule 67, prohibits the use of labor as a disciplinary sanction. The relevant prison law prescribing the punishment of whipping for jail offences should be repealed so as to comply with the Abolition of Punishment of Whipping Act Similarly, rules also exist for the release on parole of those prisoners who have already undergone a substantial part of their imprisonment.

The international Islamic University and Allama Iqbal Open University may be approached to manage courses, through correspondence, for the jail inmates.

By working in such prisons, they also participate in the national development and increase in agricultural output. A majority of the jail staff are without formal training, education, and aptitude for their challenging and sensitive assignments.

Pakistan: Prison Rule Requires Condemned to Be Able to Stand on the Scaffold | Global Legal Monitor

According to Zia Ullah, juveniles in Lahore District Jail may be held in solitary confinement for periods of up to thirty days-a term which exceeds by two weeks the maximum length of time permitted by the Prison Rules. Such centers do exist and are functioning in some prisons. Education Rule of the Jail Manual provides for the provision of education up to the primary level to all illiterate prisoners and further provides for appropriate facilities to those prisoners who wish to acquire higher studies.


According to the prison superintendent, Zia Ullah, running water is available at fixed times each day. During its surprise inspection of Rawalpindi Central Prison in Decemberthe Divisional Khidmat Committee found six children in the juvenile ward in chain links. The facilities of out-door games like football, basketball and in-door games should be provided. The barracks have fans overhead, and in one corner of the ward there are five squat toilets.

Security System There are often reports of escape of prisoners from jails.

Pakistan Prisoners Code (Jail Manual)

Delays also occur due to late submission of challans, rulds by police and remand of cases by superior courts. Zia Ullah told Human Rights Watch that the children were provided with balls and cards. At the apex of the prison system are the twenty-two central prisons, which are designed to house over one thousand inmates each. Under Rulethe following special remission schedule is provided: This provision nevertheless contravenes the U.

The above mentioned prison reforms may not achieve its desired goals, unless the prison staff is given proper training and motivation. Under the Rules, education is mandatory for juveniles sentenced to a prison term of one year or more. In each prison, a qualified medical officer, nursing staff and essential medicines should be provided.

Global Legal Monitor

Draft Amendments in Statutes. Shah told us that he has received many reports of sexual abuse of juveniles in Sahiwal Central Prison, by both prison staff and adult inmates.

The transportation of under-trial prisoners, involved in heinous crimes or terrorist activities is also a problem. During their detention, the jail inmates are supposed to get proper accommodation, food and medical facilities.

According to a notification issued on March 22, the Punjab governor has approved the revision of menu of better class prisoners and ordinary prisoners, and enhanced dietary charges from Rs50 per prisoner per day to Rs Relevant Criminal Law Under section b of the Pakistan Penal Code, anyone who is convicted of murder will be punished with death or imprisonment for life.


For higher degrees, the period of remission should be greater. There are often reports of escape of prisoners from jails. There is a need for improving the salary structure and service conditions of prison staff.

Such training should be, both in respect of keeping security and the treatment of prisoners. They are supposed to undergo their punishments in jail.

Aside from employing inmates as prison officers, Pakistan’s prison administration deviates from this prescription with respect to the training and qualifications of its professional staff. All convicts of Class “C” should be allowed to wear their own clothes instead of jail uniform.

Detenus and under-trials are also kept in such jails. Pakistan has pakiwtan elements needed to take a leap forward. Connect with the Library All ways to connect.

Rules for the Protection of Juveniles require the provision of adequate preventive and remedial mental health care, including dental, opthalmological and mental health care, and immediate access to adequate medical facilities and equipment.

Pakistan has a common prison manual in effect throughout the country. Children, accompanied by parents or guardians, may also be allowed to meet their relations in prisons. Section 27 to 30 of the Prison Act and Rules to of the Pakistan Prison Rulesclearly provide for the classification of prisoners on the basis of their involvement in civil matters or criminal offences. Proper education and training should be provided to the women prisoners and juvenile offenders.

Under-trial Prisoners In all prisons, about two third of jail inmates are under-trial prisoners. In case of transfer, the ticket must be sent with the prisoner to the other prison.