Publisher: Amsterdam, the Netherlands: Stichting Amikejo. Edition/Format: Journal, magazine: Periodical: English. Rating: (not yet rated) 0 with reviews – Be. 19 Feb Koinos is a magazine about teenage boys, published quarterly by the Amikejo foundation in the Netherlands. First published in KOINOS MAGAZINE #21 (/1). Youthful Sexual Experience and Well-being. Important Conference in Rotterdam. Bob Ferguson.

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An expert meta-analyst they consulted came to the same conclusion. With that, however, the question is still not answered of to koinos magazine degree the CSA experiences can be held responsible for this. American PsychologistVol.

Koinos – BoyWiki

In this light, they offer the closing observation that they are making no judgement about whether sexuality between adults and minors is right or wrong from a moral or legal perspective, except where moral or legal judgments are based on the mistaken supposition of psychological harm.

The first known koinos magazine devoted exclusively to pedophilia was the scholary journal Magazlne Journal of Greek Loveedited in the Koinos magazine between January and November by the famous numismatist Walter H. In other words, the differences between clinical and more general populations are considerable, and the magazibe size is small in general populations.

It is not unusual for them to unquestioningly conclude that CSA is the cause of the problems found and that most people with CSA-related experiences will face such problems in later life. The assertions that the damage is generally intense and continuing, is pervasive, kiinos is equal for boys and girls, must be seriously cast into doubt.


All across the board, in respect to well-being, men scored more favorably with regard to CSA experiences than did women. Sex Offenders and the Internet. Only in the Boney-McCoy research is the effect size among women – and to a lesser extent among ,oinos – much greater.

Would magazjne also like to submit a review for this item? The assumption that the harm-effect for boys and girls and for clinical and non-clinical populations is comparable, does not appear tenable. Earlier in the present volume of Koinos issues 17 and 18 we exhaustively reported on research by the American scholars, Dr. Meta-analysis In order to avoid the problems which qualitative literature investigations present, a number of quantitative literature investigations, or meta-analyses, can be done, based on statistical techniques which make it possible to okinos the results of different research projects with each other numerically, and to combine them into more general conclusions.

Van Dijk listed four essential points as norms for good sexual relationships: The following koions gives a survey of the results:. We will have to acknowledge that children are sexual beings and we will have to make an active investment in their maturity.

Over the last years a large number of research reports have appeared on the correlation of psychological symptoms with youthful sexual experiences, irrespective of whether coercion or significant difference in age was a factor.

Van Naerssen observed that many of his male patients experience sexual problems because they were shown too little physical affection koibos their youth, not because they were maltreated or abused.

Archives of Sexual Behavior, Vol.

The nature of the experiences is shown in the mxgazine table. The importance of the conference therefore lies more in the possible follow-up initiatives which may arise in academic circles.


Children and sex — Periodicals. Journal of HomosexualityVol. Qualitative literature investigation Over the last years a large number of research reports have appeared on the correlation of psychological symptoms with youthful sexual experiences, irrespective of whether coercion or significant difference in age was a factor.


Allow this favorite library to be seen by others Keep this favorite library private. One can certainly assert that koinos magazine statistical correlation between CSA and maladjustment is confirmed.

Women with CSA, national samples. Don’t have an account? The divergences, however, appear to be significantly less. Alas, Jumper responded that her data and calculations were in storage in a different part of the country, and suggested that Koinos magazine, Rind and Tromovitch proceed with publication, simply reporting that they were unable to resolve the discrepancies with her. Bruce Koions and Dr. Gert Hekma, instructor in the Homostudies department at the University of Amsterdam, labeled the way in which we provide children with information about sexuality too biological and too negative.

Several Dutch speakers, such as the retired psychiatrist Wijnand Sengers, koinos magazine psychologist Lex koinps Naerssen, and koinos magazine course Rev. Modern pederasty Pedophile activism Pedophilia in literature Sexuality and age.