16 Dec Higgs boson, theoretically proposed in by Professor Peter Higgs of Reports of the discovery of the Higgs boson have been very cryptic. 21 Mar The Higgs Boson belongs to a family of particles which, by definition, are Sadly I have to report all of you are wrong, as earthlings current physics is based ?filetype=pdf&id. 27 Apr The Higgs boson was postulated in , and phenomenological .. It should be noted that in the early CERN reports on LEP physics the only.

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When all private fields are summed together, then a covering field results. You probably know that quite serious arguments support the idea that the neutrinos are massive particles. Particle physicists have worked repeatedly to try to tamp down anxieties about a parade of disaster scenarios tied to Physics experimentation. Obviously, this is done according to the uncertainty principle.

A shaggy quark story A Higgs boson goes into a bar, and immediately he is accosted on all sides by party workers, ex-conservative cabinet ministers bearing bottles of champagne, Margaret Thatcher and even Peter Higgs himself, and they all get weightier by meeting him. Also aptitude of the theory to describe known phenomenons plays a part. The Standard Model assumes these two are elementary particles that carry the weak force.

Why the Higgs Cannot Exist | What’s inside the Proton?

You do not deny that. Eliyahu Comay, I appreciate your seriousness, but you request me too much. Future experiments or analysis should investigate the voids between galaxy clusters. It will be turned over to the ES Division to allow them to perform a series of studies on ne semiconductor devices for this application. In fact the currents are not actual. While this may have some similarities to a Higgs field and perhaps fulfill some of the functions of the Higgs field, it is not the same as a Higgs field.


The four flavors correspond to four Dirac like equations and two extra cross equations. The theory that could describe the dynamics of Higgs bosons is the Klein-Gordon equation. It denies the introduction of real functions as legitimate elements of this theory.


Dear Gravitas, Please note the following points which refer to your Comment on the contents of the link http: There is a multitude of other proposed theories or variants of theories that are not bound by these Standard Model fits. However, this is what you find. The KG equation is a constraint on the components of the solutions of the Dirac equations.

The world of physics is quite large. So far it has been assumed that such particles really exist, and scientists even won Nobel prizes for allegedly finding a particle from this family.

Haha, good point, I was thinking of this forum as well today. It also throws a different light onto the equivalent of the Higgs field.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Email required Address never made public. However, spinless particles were repot known at that time. But he later played down his contribution, having failed to find a grand solution through group theory. They are not predicted.

The discovery took place to insure funding. So there is no issue. Indeed, text books [] of A and not myself claim that real field can be a legitimate element of quantum physics. I feel I should concentrate only in few fields in theoretical physics: In your second argument you use again! Shows signs of a primitive fileetype too. The fact that the Top quark is more massive than the W and Z particles serves as a positive sign regarding such a direction, and so is the absence of any Top quark meson from the PDG table of Mesons.


Thus we do not need to look for the field, we need to find the Higgs boson in order to verify our understanding of what the nature of this field is, or that it is a field in the first place! The corresponding forces compensate each other.

Why the Higgs Cannot Exist

In my opinion it is OK if two scientists disagree on issues. You are overlooking that this new particle is repoort proven to be an actual Higgs boson yet, e. Theoretical physics is littered with theories that were abandoned due to contradictory experimental evidence.

For the equation you state the right hand side is indeed imaginary.


No one would have expected what happened next. For the equation you state the right hand side is higgs boson report filetype imaginary. It works, — Higgs does not…………………………….

The biggest problem repory Theoretical Nuclear Physicists today is their own intellectual inertia. The quantum state functions share their parameter space.

This coupling establishes inertia.

La falta de seriedad y objetividad que se desprende,eso si,muy sutilmente del articulo, hace,a mi juicio,que deje mucho que desear. Therefore, contrary to your summary, I believe that the claims presented in this article are correct.

The next thing that was found was that the expansion in more recent times is accelerated.