Philosophy of as if, the system espoused by Hans Vaihinger in his major philosophical work Die Philosophie des Als Ob (; The Philosophy of “As If”), which. ‘As if’ r\ S.l’stcut of tlrc :rl, Itr’:r.’ti.’ liietiotts.,rl’ I\’l;rnkin.l lly. H . VAIHINGER. ‘fr:rrrslrk’d lry. C. K. OGDEN. NEW YORK. HARCOURT, BRACIi. The Philosophy of ‘as If ‘ has 31 ratings and 3 reviews. Elena said: Vaihinger provides here, I think, the clearest exposition of the thread that runs fr.

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History of “Hans Vaihinger” Note: Eric rated it really liked it Jul 07, Vaihinger seemed to deny any objective reality and became mired in a rationalistic error.

Hans Vaihinger

Apple Jay rated it it was amazing Jun 03, The American journalist H. Tudor rated it it was amazing Jun 14, Spirwhich I started immediately to study diligently. Full text in French. This page was last edited on 10 Septemberat Why is this article not ;hilosophy in English?

The Philosophy of ‘as If ‘

In it he offered a system of thought in which God and reality might best be represented as paradigms. These anonymous data allow us to improve your online experience.

Keep Exploring Britannica Yoga. However, the American journalist Mencken was gans in his criticism of the book, which he dismissed as an unimportant “foot-note to all existing systems”.

In this view, the fullest lucidity we can have access to as embodied existents philosopyy the lucidity Vaihinger provides here, I think, the clearest exposition of the thread that runs from the medieval nominalists, through Hume, Kant, and ultimately, Nietzsche.

One wonders how sustainable this stance is in practice.

According to the author “many thought processes and thought constructs appear to be consciously false assumptions, which either contradict reality or are even contradictory in themselves, but which are intentionally thus formed in order to ov reprint of edition. Mencken was scathing in his criticism of the book, which he dismissed as an unimportant “foot-note to all existing systems”.

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Essential Readings in Logical Positivism. This, he argues persuasively, is especially true in the case of Kant and Nietzsche, neither of which you can understand unless you place them in relation to each other on this larger map of philosophical positions that converge around “the philosophy of as-if,” which he also calls “fictionalism,” or the view that whatever else our knowledge-constructs may happen to be, what we can most surely say about them, from the vantage point which we, in fact, occupy, is that they are postulates grounded solely in our organismic striving to progressively extend the pattern set by our organismic requirements by re-creating the world in a human form.

The Philosophy of ‘as If ‘ by Hans Vaihinger

Print Hardcover and Paperback. They have questioned whether some such claims really are,…. Retrieved from ” https: Alert Some required fields are empty. To cite this article click here for a list of acceptable citing formats.

About Dossiers Help French Edition. Etienne Antikatastaseis rated it it was amazing Jul 12, Perhaps, if you expunge all faith and wishful thinking from epistemology, something like Vainhiger’s view is what is left. This is an important book of one idea, but that idea is a very important one for the social scientist. Vaihinger gives an in-depth history of such concepts, primarily from science and philosophy. Following Nietzsche, Vaihinger ruefully notes that we do not seek to know the world in itself; this is the foremost illusion of viahinger epistemologies.

Vaihinger denied that his philosophy was a form of skepticism. May 04, Colm Gillis rated it really liked it. Your email vihinger has been saved. A comprehensive, meticulous and intellectually engaging master-piece which – at the same time – tended oc take its own argument to extremes and also didnt provide within itself a basis for self-criticism.

Kant, whose school Vaihinger belonged to, is given particular attention. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Journal of Individual Psychology. This page was last edited on 23 Octoberat Views Read Edit View history.


Want to Read saving…. Cairn International Edition is a service dedicated to helping a non—French—speaking readership to browse, read, and discover work published in French journals. Immanuel KantGerman philosopher whose comprehensive and systematic work in epistemology the theory of knowledgeethics, and aesthetics greatly influenced all subsequent philosophy, especially the various schools of Kantianism and idealism.

Vaihinger offers an original reading of Kantian criticism which paves the way for fictionalism. Gregory Peters rated it liked it Aug 12, Your alert request has been correctly taken into account. During his own lifetime Vaihinger’s works were generally well received both in Germany and abroad, especially in America.

Later, James Hillman developed both Vaihinger and Adler’s work with psychological fictions into a core theme of his work Healing Fiction in which he makes one of his more accessible cases for identifying the tendency to literalize, rather than “see through our meanings”, with neurosis and madness.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Though Vaihinger made a close study of all of Kant ‘s philosophyone suggestion that made a particularly deep impact on him was Kant’s vzihinger of what he called ‘regulative ideas’. He is largely responsible for shaping the modern institution of Kant scholarship, and his Commentary on Kant remains an important work. You will off English full—text translations, in addition to French version already available on Cairn regular edition.

Vaihinger provides here, I think, the clearest exposition of the thread that runs from the medieval nominalists, through Hume, Kant, and ultimately, Nietzsche. All articles English full-text articles.

haans Credit is due under the terms of this license that can reference both the New World Encyclopedia contributors and the selfless volunteer contributors of the Wikimedia Foundation.