Operation and Maintenance of Electrochlorination Plant. Introduction. Sodium Hypochlorite is a powerful biocide and oxidizing agent that has been widely. Guide to electrochlorination plant and the treatment of swimming pool water. The use of chlorine gas as a disinfectant for swimming pool water caused several. Sodium Hypochlorite is a powerful biocide and oxidizing agent that has been widely used in seawater cooling system to avoid the biofouling by marine.

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Although the actual chemical processes involved are complex, they can be simply represented by the following equation: Articles created via the Article Wizard.

Electrochlorination Plant

H 2 has to be removed from the system safely. Year of Establishment Get in Touch with us Water Treatment Company. By electrolysis, copper palnt is generated and make antifouling coating in piping to prevent bio-fouling in piping. After hydrogen has been removed from the solution, it is stored in a tank as the finished product. Electro Chlorination System can generate Sodium Hypochlorite from Seawater to prevent bio-fouling of the pipeline and cooling system of the plant.

The processes involved in electrochlorination are actually rather simple. Also, at that pH range, the sodium hypochlorite is extremely stable and the electrochlorination extremely effective. Eliminates the need to store and handle containers of hazardous chlorine chemicals.

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Mono-polar Electrolyzer is applicable for comparatively smaller capacity.


Daiki Hychlorator can generate NaClO to prevent bio-fouling of marine vessels. The first step is removing the solid excess from the saltwater. Views Read Edit View history.

Accurately controls and monitors amount of hypochlorite injected by sampling seawater discharge conditions.

Initial cost, running cost and footprint of the system can be reduced compared to Tank System. Electrochlorination chlorinates drinking water and does so in an Eco-friendly way. The anode electrodes are coated with a epectrochlorination containing mixed metal oxides, essential for the production of chlorine by hydrolysis. Chlorination kills all organisms harmful to swimmers such as those that cause electrochlorknation infections and athlete’s foot.

Unlike other chlorination techniques, electrochlorination generates no sludge or by-products. Overview of an Engine Room Seawater Circulating System Ships marine diesels and steam turbine engines require their lube-oil and water to be cooled, in order to maintain their optimum engine operating temperatures and efficiency.

View Contact Call Seller Now. Products The product of this process, sodium hypochlorite, contains 0. Introduction to Anti-Biofouling Electrodes Seawater is used for a number of purposes in a ships engine room, with the most important function being to supply such components as the main oil and water coolers through a system of pipework, using seawater cooling pumps.

Also, this system has special function to be able to remove H 2 without dropping water pressure in the system, therefore air-blower is not required.


By injecting Sodium Hypochlorite generated from Daiki Hychlorator, you can prevent bio-fouling in the cooling system to keep healthy operation of your plant.

Electrochlorination chlorinates water in an Eco-friendly manner. In case high concentration shock dosing is required, tank system is adequate.

In addition, the sodium hypochlorite produced is in the pH range of The excess random chemicals are left untouched and can be easily discarded. I slectrochlorination illustrated these components in a sketch of the unit in the image section at the end of the article.

Get in Touch with us Trans Energetics. Number of Employees 11 to 25 People. Get best deals for coconut. The concentration varies from 0. However this is a very laborious procedure, requiring the storage and handling of hazardous containers of chemicals. The main idea involved is electrochlroination desalination of water to produce a chlorinated solution.

The hydrogen rich sodium hypochlorite then travels to a tank that removes the hydrogen gas.

Electrochlorination (Power plant)

Find more suppliers in Chennai Electro Chlorinator in Chennai. Daiki Copionator has features as electtochlorination. In words this reads: The dehydrogenization mechanism varies from device to device but the process is generally the same. Bi-polar Electrolyzer Bi-polar Electrolyzer is applicable for larger capacity which is app.