La clave jeroglífica aplicada a la conquista de México. The color plates below are taken from Cyrus Thomas, “A Study of the Manuscript Troano” in Contribution to North American Ethnology, Volume V. In the late 19th. A Study of the Manuscript Troano – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File Alonso Ponce. in the Coleocion de Documentos para la Historia de Eapana.

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If we com- mence with Kan and follow the order of these years as given in the calen- dar, the order of the cardinal points would documenti be east, north, west, south.

Codice jeroglifico Troano-americano

E, order to make this as plain as possible I will give here a table of years for one cycle of 52 years. This question is as yet unanswered.

Spears and arrows if such they be, for there is no figure of a bow in the entire workor darts, are the only implements of warfare shown.

But I pass by these dubious methods of criticism as well as several lexicographic objections which might be raised. To be able to decide positively whether this opinion of the Abbe’s was correct or not, would, I felt, be taking one important step hroano ascer- taining the contents of this mysterious document, as these day columns form a considerable part of it.

Docimento have followed other modern authors in calling this period a week, though it ap- pears the Mayas gave it no name, nor in fact do they seem to have consid- ered it a period, but simply a method of numbering the days and years. XVI, where the dark transverse lines mark the divisions between the Ahaues as thus obtained. The genealogical development of Sound-writing begins by the substi- tution of the sign of one idea for that of another whose sound is nearly or quite the same.

Some native books were obtained, however, probably from the Mayas, and were sent to Spain, where they were seen by the historian Peter Martyr.


Full text of “A study of the manuscript Troano”

That they are characters representing the Maya days he admitted, but as the names of these characters have each one or more significations, it was his belief that they were used to express this signification, and not simply as the troao of days. Aubin to have been developed to some extent by the Aztecs in some of their histories and connected compositions see above page xxviii.

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I believe, indeed, that Dr.

Madrid Codex (Maya)

That the very large number of day columns and numerals, which form fully one-half of what may be called the written portion, are simply dates which appear to run through one entire grand cycle of years, fixing the time when festivals should be held and other religious observances take place. It also leads him into the absurdity of placing the first arrival of the Spaniards on the coast of Yucatan — which occurred in the 2d Ahau — between the yeai-s and We have here proof that the order when in lines is from the left to the right.

Yet we know to a certainty that there were quantities of these manuscripts in use in Yucatan for a generation after CogoUudo wrote.

It was suggested, I belisve, by the Abbd Brasseur de Bourbourg. Hunting out the years as in the pre- ceding example we find them to be as follows: It is now generally conceded by all who have studied these hiero- glyphics that’ the Maya method of designating numbere was by the use of lines and dots, thus: His description runs as follows: But even here we see the religious element pervading everything.

Inas part of the Columbus year celebration, the Testimonio Compania Editoriale of Madrid published, with an accompanying volume by Manuel Ballesteros Gaibrois and Miguel Rivera Dorado, a full-color facsimile edition of the Madrid codex.


The day, the week, the month, the year, the five intercalated days, the week of years, the Ahau or Katun, the cycle of fifty-two years, and the Ahau Katun or great epoch. We encourage the use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help.

They had removed from the northern provinces of the peninsula somewhere aboutprobably in consequence of the wars which followed the dissolution of the confederacy whose capital was the ancient city of Mayapan. Yet, even on this plan, these periods begin with Cauac years and have the same num- bers; the only difierence between the plans, so far as this matter is con- cerned, is that equivalents do not occupy precisely the same position in the grand cycle, but overlap each other three years.

Manuscript Troano

Landa arrived in the province in August,and died rroano April,having passed most of the intervening thirty years there in the discharge of his religious duties. According to the theory advanced by this author these periods were numbered fi’om the sec- ond day of the Cauac years, which would necessarily be Ahau, because, as he supposes, some notable event in their history occurred on that day. Kan, Oc, Cib, Ahau, and Ik.

As a matter of course, each is the first year of an “Indication” or week of years; so are 1 Kan and 1 Ix in the same period, yet neither of these is thus distinguished.

The eighteen months were named and numbered as follows: He pub- lished one of the earliest grammars -of the language, and also composed a dictionary in three large volumes, which was not printed. As suggested docujento Perez and Dr. Afterwards some of our friars learned to understand and read them, and even wrote them.