Batman Bloodstorm is well written and well plotted, Kelley Jones’s art is fitting for the story lots of angular and grotesque pictures with more than enough teeth to. Read Batman: Bloodstorm comic online free and high quality. Fast loading speed , unique reading type: All pages – just need to scroll to read next page. Read Batman: Bloodstorm Full comic online free and high quality. Unique reading type: All pages – just need to scroll to read next page.

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This isn’t an official warning, this is just a reminder. Hysteric, Batman presents Gordon with btman ultimatum: Definitely recommended and very definitely for mature readers only. Retrieved from ” https: What is there about the Joker that a vampire would respect or listen to? Oct 05, Ben Truong rated it really liked it Shelves: Return to Book Page.

Batman: Bloodstorm review

At least the devil we knew He must not drink blood or else become Gotham’s biggest threat. I really liked the transformation that happened in this book.

Meanwhile, during the day, Alfred and Gordon stake and behead vampires in their coffins. To ask other readers questions about Batmanplease sign up.

Archived from the original on June 30, I feel the Selina Kyle angle should have been developed or fleshed out a bit more. I hope to read it one day and have a better blkodstorm of both by doing so. There is the general belief that a bloodsotrm can’t rival the prequel’s excellence let alone surpass it.


Man, this was effed up. According to North American comic distributor Diamond Comic Distributors DCDRed Rain was the fourth most-ordered graphic novel of and the year’s batmna bestselling graphic novel overall.

Batman: Crimson Mist

Batman then confronts Dracula and impales him on a tree. It’s kind of a shame because I think Selina’s character did have some potential, but I didn’t like the handling of it.

The Return of Bruce Wayne Batman: A vampire needs blood to survive; that’s how it’s been for centuries and it’s not gonna change for the Dark Knight. This comic creeped me out in a good way.

Batman & Dracula trilogy – Wikipedia

After accepting Alfred’s sacrifice and decapitating him so he will not return as a vampireBatman kills Croc and Two-Face, before starting to succumb bloosstorm his bloodlust again. Gotham is in the grip of a crime wave. The Fury of Dracula. Goddamn, I was wrong. In my opinion, ‘Bloodstorm’ is the best of the ‘Batman Vampire’ saga, and I would recommend you find the real thing as there’s bloodsyorm lot of good stuff that I had to excise.

His humanity however slowly slips away as the beast wakes up in him. That honor fell to Doug Moench. It is not directly modeled after Jones’ artwork, but rather is based on a Mondo poster by Francesco Francavilla that was inspired by Red Rain. Journalists have praised the books for their story and artwork. A Serious House on Serious Earth. I didn’t think the depictions of women could get worse, but they did.

Batman: Bloodstorm review | Batman News

You can tell it not only affects them in seeing Batman’s transformation, but certainly when it ultimately comes down to when Batman succumbs to his darker senses.


Yeah, I know that’s a cliche, but it’s also very true. The Search for Ray Palmer: The irony is that he is forced to become addicted to something he has never experienced. Batman The Vampire Slayer Jilid 2 ini tambah serem! Struggling with his newly acquired dark nature and desire to kill, Batman must choose between the preservation of his own soul and the survival of Gotham. Three years after Red Rain came Bloodstormthe story with the silliest title in the trilogy that also happens to be the best read.

Although they manage to take control of most of Gotham’s major crime families, a team consisting of Batman, CatwomanCommissioner GordonAlfred, and their vampire hunters made up of Gotham City Police Department detectives eventually destroy the vampires.

It was free so that makes it good no matter what. She was just kind of the person who kept Batman’s “humanity” in check – at least until the breaking point. To their dismay, Batman has been driven insane after spending months impaled in his coffin, conscious but immobile; upon being freed, he proclaims that he has become nothing more than another monster hungry for blood.

Masterfully scripted, the way the Joker is presented in this story rivals that of Grant Morrison’s “Batman R.

Trinity The Batman vs. A rogue vampire, Tanya, choses to help Batman.